What is Battle Archery?

Battle Archery is the exciting combination of archery and dodgeball! Fire foam tipped arrows at your opponents while dodging oncoming arrows.

Geared up with face masks and arm guards, your crew will be ready to dive behind bunkers and take aim to win the game!

Battle Archery is perfect for parties, school fairs, gym class, team bonding and more!

Battle Archery

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Frequently asked questions

To ensure you are comfortable, we recommend wearing comfortable sports wear, runners and knee pads. Please do not wear cleats, hair clips, or bobby pin (they may puncture the bubble)

Minimum of 6 players to book.

8 years old. Anyone under 18 years old, must be supervised by an adult.

No. Our equipment is specifically designed for Battle Archery. For fairness and safety, everyone must use our equipment.

Vancouver weather is unpredictable! This is why we have FREE-RESCHEDULING. If the weather turns for the worse, we can help reschedule your event, or find an indoor location. Bubble Ball can be played in light rain (1-3mm).

All masks are washed and disinfected after each event. Your Facilitators clean and sanitize each mask, bow, and arrow before and after all events. This ensures your equipment is always ready for battle! For our Updated Covid-19 protocols, please click here.


Try archery anywhere!

Hover Archery is one of our portable archery targets. Using special foam tipped arrows, Hover Archery can be played in parks, backyards, meeting halls, and more!

Hover Archery is an easy way to bring entertainment and play anywhere. Learn how to shoot a bow with our skilled instructors and high quality equipment.

Perfect for festivals, parties, corporate events and more!

Prices start at $99/ hour. Contact us for detailed pricing.


Learn how to shoot!

Learn archery anywhere with Stellar Play’s experiences and certified archery instructors and custom archery range.

Our classes are great for beginners and those looking to enhance their archery skills. Our soft foam tipped arrows are suitable for gyms and fields.

Perfect for physical education classes, home schooling, and more!

Prices start at $249 for the first hour and $99 every hour after. Contact us for detailed pricing.

"My children had the opportunity to attend a one day sessions with Stellar Play. The class was very well organized and the instructors were extremely friendly and encouraging to each child. Although my children only attended one session, they learned a lot and really had fun. They'd do more sessions in a heartbeat and, as a teacher, I'd recommend this group to any school. A fantastic way to be introduced to archery!"
Maple Ridge

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